A funny experience with a lady 

May God deliver us from Nigerian ladies , big Girls small sense..She walked into the banking hall, her pointed shoe announcing her arrival minutes before you saw her.

She wore that kind of dress that convinces you that heaven is missing an angel.

The aroma of her perfume would easily finish a bowl of eba for its sweetness.

And the phone which she gingerly held to her ear, without minding the security guy frantically waving at her that calls are not allowed in banking halls, will cost a small fortune.

She stepped forward, picked a deposit slip and searched frantically for a pen.

About five guys offered her their pens but, shame to bad people, she took mine maybe because I was closest to her.

After a while, or a long while because time stood still, she stood up and inched closer to me.

She whispered: “Please can you spell ‘thirty’ for me?”

I looked down at her deposit slip in surprise.

She’d written:

‘tarty tausan’!
Olodumare oooo!!!!!!
I hissed and snatched my biro from her hand. 

Fine face, no brains, nothing turns me on than a beauty with Brain

My experience with a CU  girl 

So, yesterday I took a girl out to the cafeteria on a date and after we finish eating, I went to pay for the food we ate, the ticket woman didn’t have 500 naira change to give me. I asked the girl to sit and wait for the ticket woman to go look for change, and surprisingly she said I was embarrasing her, that I should act like a big boy and leave the change for the waiter…
Is she crazy?
Is she madt?
Does she know the things 500 naira can do? I guess she doesn’t
Well, let me highlight few of the things 500 naira can do incase she doesn’t know…
500 naira can buy you 5 loaves of bread and two fishes, if you are lucky to have Jesus around, you will feed 5000 people..Is that the money she want me to leave?
500 naira can buy you 350 and pack with one zobo
500 naira that I’ll use to buy shawarma or pizza 
Rice N100, beans N50, meat N100, plastic malt N100 and remaining 150 to play Nairabet,…and she say 500 naira na chicken change? I swear she no well
Half carton of Indomie sef is N500 naira shey u know?
Do you know how many players Arsene Wenger of Arsenal will buy with 500 Naira?
The most annoying thing is that its possible that this girl has never given 500 naira offering for chapel o
See, on a serious note…you won’t know the value of 500 naira, untill you borrow 500 naira credit from MTN and you have to pay back.
My girlfriend will see this and think I’m cheating on her. (To My GF: Baby Na Joke o )
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Believe me at your own peril😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                          Yours faithfully 


10 reasons why you should be an employee 

More often than not, the internet is flooded with information on reasons why every one should be entrepreneurs. While I do not doubt that it is necessary that more people embrace self employment, it is also necessary for people to have an open mind towards employment and look at the pros and cons of both before delving to start the next Microsoft. The following are reasons why there should be more people in employment than there are now.1 LESS RISK
Granted, it is a a fact that there are risks to being in paid employment, however, you are more likely to retain your job than a business start-up is to thrive in the market.. Statistically speaking, 90 percent of start ups are bound to close in the first five years of existence. In fact, by its very definition, an entrepreneur is one who is willing to take risks.
TIP, think of this-its almost always news when a company lays off a number of workers but it gets no mention when the same number of business start-ups or SMEs close down.

It is an obvious advantage for many employees that their work hour is defined. Usually, right from your employment you are told when you will be needed to work, and often times, you get paid for any extra time spent. For an entrepreneur however, work hours are usually not defined as they have to work around the clock to ensure that the business goes smoothly.

Also, being in paid employment in most cases offers you an opportunity to rise to the top of the ladder. It is expected that if you spend a certain amount of time, or put in extra effort on a job, you ought to get promoted as often as possible till you get to the pinnacle of your career. For a business owner, the career path is not defined, as your rise to the top is solely dependent on how well your business does. If it crashes, you burn with it.

Related to the above point is the fact that with your rise to the top of the corporate ladder, your pay is defined as you go along. In most corporate environments, there is a fixed salary scale which serves as a guide for payment. This is an advantage because it can help the employee plan and make adequate budget for the month under review. An entrepreneur in most cases does not have this advantage because his take home pay is dependent on the amount of effort put in to the business. Fluctuations in monthly income is usually the case.

This point is pretty much self explanatory. Imagine if everyone of us owned a business, who then would be the workers to carry out the running of said business? That being said, who then should be an entrepreneur and who should be a worker? We examine that in the next point.

An entrepreneur is someone who has developed the strength of character and resolve of will to be a leader and a go getter in the business world. Not every one possesses the innate ability to own a business. Several people have tried to set up shop and failed at it, perhaps that explains why there are so many businesses that end up comatose.

Most companies have special packages to see to their employees welfare. Such packages include leaves, paid vacations, as well as healthcare and child support. While it is not a hard and fast rule for all companies, there are many of such advantages in paid employment. For most start ups actually, such fringe benefits are not applicable. It is not only the case with start ups however, but even established business owners usually do not bother to claim such special benefits for themselves as most have to see to the running of their business enterprises daily.

As an employee, you are usually employed to fill a particular need. For example, you may be employed in accounts, IT, or admin. Hence, your specialization is only needed in your field. For a business owner however, and especially with start ups, they have to be proficient in a whole range of skills and abilities as they usually are solely responsible for running and ensuring the success of their business.

As an employee in an organization, you can decide to pursue other job opportunities if you are not satisfied with your lot in a company. You can even decide to augment your income with other sources such as a business by the side of your main employment. An entrepreneur however must better his lot within the confines of his occupation.

Last but not the least is that you have the opportunity to learn more about how organizations are run, as well as other aspects of the job that will come in handy if you do decide to start your own business later.
So there you have it. While we do not mean to discourage people from starting up their businesses, it is ideal that you properly weigh the advantages and disadvantages before you delve into it. What do you think? You can have your say in


Mimi's Corner

This story I’m bout to post is a real story of a girl that was sexually abused more than once. The names,location and a few things were changed for security reasons .

“Hi …
My name is Bimpe .
The stories I’m bout telling you is actually real . It happened to me . I dont know
If I’m sharing this to ease my self of the grieve,hurt in me. Or as a lesson to other girls mostly those that are young and naive . What i know is I just have to share it
    I’m 18 now and I’ve been sexually abused let’s say 4 to 5 times on different occasion by different peeps that are actually close to me in different ways . Now that I think all bout it ,I wonder if I was associated with bad luck right from birth or it was a curse…

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My Ibadan experience by @oloksy


I was in Ibadan recently and somebody gave me an

insight into what the phone book on the Black Berry of

an Ibadan woman will look like

Iya Deji alaso,

Nuru eleran,

Kamoru Onigi,

Iya Monsurat elepo,

Iya Lekan eleja,

Saidi onisu,

Iya ijesha oniru.

Basiru oni moto,

Sola omo baba basira,

Basira onipomo,

Suraju olokada,

Oriyomi alalubosa,

Bose Tailor,

Gbenro agbero,

Noimo olororo,

Iya Luku Oloka,

Akanke alakara eebo,

Sola tisha,

Baba wale nepa,

Iya biliki elepo,

Baba aduke alagunmu jedi,

Iya wasiu onifufu,

Morufu riwaya,

Iya olobi agba,

Baba tawa alajo,

Alani kafinta,

Boda tunde birikila.

Moomi Oloole.

Buoda mi Alani

Iya mi elesuru

Baba ilu eebo

Alao alawin………